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Projects Management

Dispatched Collaboration

Main challenges

In a globalization context: Clients, competitors, employees, suppliers, subcontractors and partners are localized everywhere on the globe. 

Objectives : 
Enable individuals and groups geographically dispersed to work in collaboration on the same products while complying with the same development processes. 

TEEXMA® PLM enables to:

  • Enable a simultaneous work on separated conception elements and synchronize these collective efforts through an appropriate product architecture.
  • Ensure the fluid information circulation between all those who participate in the conception process
  • Ensure the owner information safety through protection controls of the intellectual property
  • Enhance visibility on program status with a program management process standardization and the establishment of key numerical data concerning performance. 
  • Ensure yourself that all modifications are immediately shared with the concerned persons through an automated and standardized modification process
  • Enable a quick worldwide access to the most recent technical data
Program Portfolio Management

Main challenges:

Prevent inappropriate decisions, resources waste, delay missings, late product launching and opportunity losses
The program portfolio management takes care of the coordination and execution of portfolio management processes, of program management and project management. It is conceived to attenuate management problems linked to product development initiatives

TEEXMA® PLM enables to:

  • Advanced deliverable management functionalities to coordinate the information flux between project teams and different programs
  • Process configuration per phase and per threshold for the new products development process automation
  • Automated data capture tools, extrapolation, reporting, and perspective dashboards allowing an effective monitoring of programs
  • Product development program status visibility to evaluate the collaboration in the team while the deliverable production and have an idea about the communitarian aspect of product development
  • The best evaluation of the program’s advancement state by completing the classical data of the project management by conception measures based on actual product data
Support service

Main challenges

The service information is easy to use and access for all interveners (support analysts, maintenance technicians, call centre staff, resellers, operators and clients for example) and is always aligned on product configuration and actual service procedures. The quality and exactitude of the support service information determine directly the success of the client product and assistance support organisations. 


Optimize the services information all along the product's lifecycle.

TEEXMA® PLM enables to:

  • Furnish precise, concise and relevant  information about the service, the exploitation and the change pieces to reduce the costs linked to the service
  • Associate the actual origin product data to offer coherent service information to all downstream processes
  • Manage an only interactive information service source to accelerate the service        


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