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Knowledge Management

Requirements Management

46% of the industrials mention the inadequacy between the product and the client needs to express the failure of a product launch. 

Main Challenges:

  • Reinforce the business success by ensuring that the product development teams understand well the client’s needs 
  • Improve the decisions by establishing links between client needs and the product data to evaluate the impact of the conception modifications by ensuring the traceability between requirements and the data to understand the costs induced by requirement modifications. 
  • Enhance the product quality by creating links between verification requirements to ensure a correct validation of these requirements, and by ensuring the traceability between conception requirements and system requirements to prove the compliance with regulatory and contractual requirements.


Evaluate the client’s needs because they will be used to define conception requirements and technical specifications to follow to respond to these needs. 

TEEXMA® PLM enables you to:

  • Permit the traceability between all requirement levels and conception data
  • Evaluate  the impact of the modifications on requirements and conceptions data
  • Verify that all the requirements have been respected
Quality Lifecycle Management

Main Challenges:

Align product performances, reliability and security on the requirements defined all along the product’s lifecycle.

Objectives :

The quality lifecycle management allows giving a formal and systematic solution to manage all key factors linked to the product quality, with the help of perfectly integrated methods to the product’s development lifecycle and visible for all persons implicated in the product quality process. 
Reunite the results coming from each phase of the lifecycle on a unique a database platform accessible to other phases of the lifecycle. This approach ensures the continuous enhancement of products all along the development and during the conception of a new product generation. 

TEEXMA® PLM enables you to:

  • Planify quality: Identify in advance all functional needs of a product and incorporate this information into each phase of the product development lifecycle
  • Knowledge of the quality, reliability and risk: Processed as early as possible, reliability and risk analyses determine the performances of the product according to its planned function and its security level
  • Costs planification: this implies to evaluate clearly and rapidly the awaited reliability of a product and its maintenance or service needs, and to document each taken measure to limit risks linked to the product
  • Exploitation of the acquired experience: The new knowledge acquired is communicated and reused, the problem causes are looked for and problems corrected all along the product development lifecycle    


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