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Materials selection

How can TEEXMA® Materials help you in your materials selection? 

This question is a major stake for all materials database.
Gifted with several powerful research modules, TEEXMA® Materials offers an optimized choice help for your different services. 

A textual search engine:

  • This simple-to-use tool can allow you to realise researches with key-words on the entirety of your database. 
  • This search engine is equipped with a function which can research information in structured or unstructured data, even within the documents published in TEEXMA® Materials (Excel documents, word, PDF…).

A Multicriteria selection:

It is a question of a historical function of TEEXMA® Materials. Experienced for more than twenty years by our clients, it can establish standard procedures for the simpler to the most complex. 
Your research is optimized according to the importance that you desire to attribute to each research criteria. 
The results of this selection  are classified per relevance in order to facilitate your decision making on the materials choice and define equivalences between results 

Choice guides: TEEXMA®
Personalized questionnaires can be edited to guide users in their materials selection. 

TEEXMA® Materials strengths : 
- Generation of calculation cards adapting to all conception, simulation and calculation software
- These data exportations are programmable, and your  users can assume new formats on an autonomous way
- In addition to the technical data, a critical analysis can be brought on the different calculation cards generated
- The workflow and rights modules can create personalized workspaces for different users


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