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Material Database

Building a reference database for materials and processes of a company is a stake in term of technical legacy conservation. However, it may be difficult to structure this material data.
Despite the precision of the technical data, the added-value of a material database also relies on the internal knowledge management which can be shared with a community. It is from this finding that we have defined the data model structured of TEEXMA® Materials.

From this data model, you will be able to:

  • Capitalize all materials families inside the same database (metals, plastics, composites, ceramics, etc…)
  • Manage data from different sources: generic data, normalized designations, business designations, laboratory issued data…
  • Formalize and diffuse the internal expertise of your specialists.
  • Share the lessons learned on material choices, their conception or their use. 

The success of a material database relies on pertinence, liability, and the validity of the information it withholds. This is why, with the help of TEEXMA® Materials, we offer you data control mechanics. 

You will have the possibility to: 

  • Follow the source and traceability  of the files
  • Put information validation and diffusion workflows in place
  • Integrate a tight and precise rights management on  the data sharing 
The strength of TEEXMA® Materials:
- Ergonomic research modules for an easy use for any person.
- Proceed researches in all the database
- Compare different materials families with each other to determine the most competitive materials for your projects
- Search generic data information as well as normalized designations, business designations or even experimental or dimensioning data. 


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