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Dimensioning, calculation and simulation

Having difficulties to converge your material, experimental and simulation data? Your material properties coexist under different formats (material sheets, qualification reports, calculation cards, etc)? Would you want to centralize the information and share your unified data to different services (BE and R&D)? 

TEEXMA® is a specialized software in the technical and scientifical data management, enabling the deployment of a unique repository, to share information, guaranty the data unicity and share it. 

It can overall : 

  • Build a unique technical data repository between different services of the company (R&D, BE, Laboratories, Calculation & Simulation, etc…)
  • Compare and choose the best model of material numerical behavior law
  • Validate, and assign a trust indicator to the experimental and modelization data
  • Exploit graphically your conception data (materials, components) 
  • Feed the simulation software databases with the adequate admissible  values
TEEXMA® Materials strengths : 
- Generation of calculation cards adapting to all conception, simulation and calculation software.
- These data exportations are programmable, and your users can assume new formats in an autonomous way.
- In addition to the technical data, a critical analysis can be brought on the different calculation cards generated.
- The workflow and rights modules can create personalized workspaces for different users.   



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