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The Management of Technical Data - Optimize the Management of your Manufacturing Processes Data

The MPM (Manufacturing Process Management) service within a company can be a strategic challenge because it acts as the technical interface between the research and production departments.

The primary goal behind this service is to continuously improve all manufacturing processes, in addition to improving working methods, workstation organization, cost optimization, availability rate and level of reliability of equipment within a company.

The role this methodology plays is essential and will greatly contribute to the competitiveness of the company.

Main Challenges
  • Continuously improve the manufacturing processes of the products
  • Improve working methods
  • Optimise costs
  • Improve the rate of availability and the level of reliability of equipment
  • Qualify the products from the BOM
  • Calculate the time and cost of operations per phase
  • Define ranges of manufacturing
  • Determine the amount of time to be taken for operations
  • Calculate the critical paths
  • Generate reports automatically
  • Define and closely monitor action plans
  • Measure real-time video analysis and timing


  • Graphical representation of the work cycle
  • Automatic simulation
  • Loading rate calculation
  • Equilibration of workstations

Chrono Analysis

  • Control the time references
  • Verification of standard times
  • Unlimited number of records
  • PC tablet compatibility


  • Identification and control of time references
  • Fast and precise data analysis
  • 2 synchronized video players
  • Saving and backups for video configurations
  • Automatic uploading into the simogramme
  • Obtain a transverse and complete view of your manufacturing processes data
  • Ensure the integrity and security of this data
  • Easily navigate between objects within the system
  • Obtain a complete mapping system for your data
  • Quickly synchronize your data with other information systems (ERP, PLM, etc.)


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