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TEEXMA® Materials

Beyond a traditional materials software, TEEXMA® Materials facilitates the collaboration between the actors of your various services. In this unique business repository, it is possible to:
• Manage data from laboratories, standards and vendor testing
• Enhance the knowledge of materials experts and make the best use of data
• Facilitate the use of all relevant data by calculation and simulation engineers

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Beyond a traditional materials software : 

TEEXMA® Materials possibilities : 
Set up materials database
  • Management of different families: metal, plastics, ceramics, composites ..., and different data sources (standards, suppliers, tests)
  • A database adapted to different departments. (Laboratory, design office, additive manufacturing ...)
  • Capitalization of internal expertise
  • Sharing experience feedback
  • Traceability
  • Workflow for validation and fine management of rights
Material selection
  • Request the entire database
  • Compare different families of materials
  • Optimize Search
  • Exploit the graphical data: superimpositions of curves, interpolations, regressions...
  • Propose customized material choice guides
Dimensioning, calculation and simulation assistance
  • Generate calculation maps that can be used by any design, calculation or simulation tool.
  • Facilitate the analysis of the same material according to different calculation methods
  • Provide customized workspaces using validation workflows and associated rights
  • Encourage critical analysis by establishing confidence indices
TEEXMA® Materials benefits
  • Have a cross-sectional view of material data 
  • Optimize the Materials selection thanks to the Multicriteria selection
  • Ensure the quality and traceability of your data in a simple and secure way using Rights Management and Validation Workflows
  • Establish a single and central business repository for all data related to Materials (Processes of application, heat treatments, surface treatments, applications)
  • Improve your performance by sharing Experiences Feedback on the use and choice of materials
  • Reduce your costs by automating low value-added tasks for your experts
  • Enjoy the flexibility of TEEXMA® to evolve your tool independently
  • Manage several business problems within the same database by linking your materials to your test data (TEEXMA® LIMS) or environmental information (TEEXMA® Environment).
  • Quickly synchronize your data with other information systems (ERP, PLM, etc.) 




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