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The modular and configurable solution for the management of all your laboratory activities

TEEXMA® LIMS allows managing all the processes that behove to the laboratory, from the request of tests to the formalization of the answers and the evaluation of the satisfaction.

Test requests management:
Your Challenges
• Input requests in standard and unified forms
• To be able to enclose all types of files or documents explaining the request
• Be aware of the progress of applications
• Ensure a validation process for applications
• Guided the user in the drafting of his application
• Respect the normative processes (ISO 17025)
Our solutions
• Dynamic forms
• Manage all types of data and files
• Alert system and notifications via e-mail or dashboard Integrated validation module
• Workflows configurable module


Tests Planning
Your Challenges
• Have a simple and effective test planning tool
• Synthetic laboratory / site workload
• Use a graphical interface to reschedule tests
• Be alert in case of overload or maintenance on equipment
• Have a weekly schedule of activities
Our solutions
• TEEXMA® module dedicated to planning issues
• Configurable and dynamic views of the activity
• Highlighting critical paths and overloads
• Allocations of equipment and allocation of resources
• Availability calculation "as soon as possible"


Results acquisition:
Your Challenges
• Capitalize on the tool all the results of tests for their exploitation
• Consolidate raw results
• Have ergonomic entry forms in case of manual entries
• Use mobile devices to capitalize test results
Our solutions
• A configurable data entry form 
• Possible capitalization of all types of documents (videos, audios, office automation)
• Standard connectors available with many test machines
• Web application accessible from tablets/smartphones


Results formalisation:
Your Challenges
• Condition the response to the applicant
• Integrate test data and all useful files (pictures, chart ...)
• Automatically transmit the answer to the right people (mailing lists and confidentiality)
• Alert applicants to the response
• Archive past responses to search among laboratory histories
Our solutions
• Document extraction module to generate automatically reports to the wanted format (Word, PDF, Excel ...)
• Capitalization of documents within an integrated electronic document management
• Alert module and notifications (emails, dashboard) to broadcast the response



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