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Enhance the exchange between experts through a community of practice or interest

Enhance the exchange between experts: create a structure to support the development of expertise


What is a technical community?

A technical community consists of bringing together experts from the same field and placing them into a mutually engaging environment in order to:

  • Share the best practices and experiences
  • Ensure the transmission and sharing of knowledge, skills, and know-how in order to increase the overall level of industry expertise for each member in the community.
  • Collectively build solutions for recurring technical problems
  • Support strategic intelligence in the field, enhance the gathering of information within research processes and analyze and discuss these topics to supply strategic decision making.
  • Energize the field in order to develop innovation, in terms of the methods that are already being used and know how to be implemented.
When does a company become concerned?

A company becomes concerned when:

  • Experts become inundated by their daily workload
  • The processes are becoming shorter
  • The increase of knowledge stalls
  • The necessity of innovation becomes a matter of survival
  • Contacts become increasingly dispersed
Main Challenges
  • Enhance the capital of existing knowledge within the enterprise
  • Share, transmit, and learn
  • Energize and promote the areas of expertise in the company
  • Promote collective intelligence
  • Innovate
  • Encourage collective intelligence to increase innovation
  • Accelerate the transferring of information and knowledge
  • Challenge your experts
  • Faster training for young technical recruits



In-company training:

  • Understanding of the concept of technical communities
  • Familiarity with the tools that are to be implemented
  • Reasoning of the process - Preparation for dealing with resistance
  • Exchanges on specifics

Customized implementation support:

  • Support for declining concepts and contextual tools
  • An experienced level of assistance to handle the unexpected
  • Assistance with animation, organization, and communication
  • Energy to drive change




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