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 What is a Professional Repository?

The main function of a Professional Repository is to gather all of the data, information, and knowledge that are used by experts in a particular department and then place them all into one singular location. In order for these experts to achieve their objectives they need to be able to have access to experimental data, technical documentation of products, company equipment, and all of the used processes.

Too often all of this information is difficult to retrieve as it is often scattered throughout the information system because by nature these systems are generally designed for the management of operational functions and processes.

All of this information, data, and knowledge that is contained within these expert departments constitute as assets for a company, and these are quite often underused due to a lack of accessibility. In order to help structure and design a repository for a company, the consulting professionals of BASSETTI will implement their skills and experience to devise the most effective system as possible.

Main Challenges
  • Create a unique and centralized Professional Repository structured around business concepts.
  • Unify all documents, data, and knowledge, within the same tool in the same fashion as a wiki site.
  • Transmit a technical memorandum for future reuse
  • Save time while searching for information
  • Avoid repeating past errors
  • Enhance R&D results through innovation
  • Improve work quality





Investigate and diagnose the current situation:

  • Information systems
  • Business Processes
  • Information Sources

Create a mapping system for business concepts:

  • Perform inventory of the current stock
  • Structure trees based on business concepts
  • Collect and combine existing information
  • Lead and train for change

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