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Formalize the knowledge of our experts

The services of the Collection of Knowledge include interviewing experts and collecting existing information, and then combining this information and creating formalized documents or a structured repository.

It is sometimes difficult for experts to leverage their knowledge, either due to a lack of time or a lack of know-how: our Collection of Knowledge specialists bring you an effective resource to sustain knowledge in the long run.

Main Challenges
  • Formalize tacit knowledge
  • Combine and structure data, information, and scattered knowledge
  • Digitize and enhance paper archives
  • Transmit to future generations
  • Perpetuate expert knowledge in the long run
  • Facilitate the reuse of current knowledge in a company
  • Ensure a better transmission of know-how

Collection of Information:

  • Explicit interview
  • Collection of documents scattered in the information system
  • Journalistic interview (audio and video)
  • Digitizing paper archives

Structuring of knowledge:

  • Mapping of business concepts
  • Structuring a common thread
  • Creation of methodological knowledge (decisional support and diagnosis)


  • Transcription of interviews
  • Knowledge Synthesis
  • Validation and editing


  • Training recipients
  • Storage in the information system

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